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SHIFT is reshaping professional services – providing a new way to access high calibre senior Consultants. No need to engage large professional services firms or jump through hoops to get full FTE budget approval.
We offer expert capability and capacity to complement your teams, when and how you need it.

We offer clients astute, experienced people, who integrate seamlessly into your project, team and business, for better outcomes and ways of working.

Working as a SHIFT Consultant creates opportunity to pursue specific goals, bring fresh skills and capacity to a team, and ultimately gives you greater control and flexibility over your professional and personal life.

Our Services

At SHIFT, we fill an unmet need between what large professional services and law firm support can offer.

As lawyers and business people who care about our clients – we’re motivated to help you to achieve better results by working in new, flexible and responsive ways to meet your specific needs.

Work With Us

SHIFT Consultants are exceptional proven legal or regulatory professionals who recognise the professional and personal benefits that come with working in a new way.

News And Views

Read about some of our own New Thinking, as well as views and ideas from people and businesses that we admire, or that simply got us to thinking.
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