For Consultants

If you’re like us, then this probably isn’t your first rodeo…You’ve earned respect in your field, gained confidence (and the occasional war story) from experience, and flexed to adapt to different circumstances and personality styles to deliver results.
With enthusiasm that’s far from waning, you’re motivated to find new ways to realise your potential and achieve more professionally and personally.

You might have gained your senior level experience in New Zealand or internationally, in-house, or in a well-respected law firm or professional services firm or regulator. But maybe you’ve heard about SHIFT and can see that consulting with us is a chance to work differently and create a better work life balance on your terms.

At SHIFT, you’ll also find the support of a community of highly regarded professionals with a similar outlook, who also value authenticity, flexibility and control.

If this is ringing bells, please bring your energy, ideas and experience and share your story with us. We’d love to meet you.


SHIFT Values


Fostering a connected, engaged and supported Community


What you see is what you get – the real deal


Empowering people to live and work in a way that is fulfilling to them, and to have the courage to take control of their future


Providing the Freedom to work differently and autonomously on your own terms

We are Problem Solvers

We hit the ground running and get the job done


What our Consultants say…

The team at SHIFT got to know me as an individual, and suggested roles which suit my personality as well as my skillset. They provide education seminars for continuing professional development, social get-togethers, and all the usual support you would expect from a law firm, without any of the drawbacks. It’s the best of both worlds.
Vicki Slater, SHIFT Consultant
Working with SHIFT was like finding the perfect colleague, boss and friend all rolled into one. Prue has an exceptional ear and will take the time to listen to your values, motivations and career ambitions before recommending any particular course of action. This makes her (and the whole Team) unique in that advice and support is tailored specifically to you. I can’t recommend SHIFT and their kaupapa highly enough.
Charlette Bunn, Alumni SHIFT Consultant
I first approached SHIFT when I was looking for a change in career direction – only I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go!  Prue took a genuine interest in my situation, had great contacts and gave me the courage to explore options I would not have previously considered.  I’ve since had three roles with SHIFT – each of them a great personal and professional fit.  I couldn’t recommend Prue and the SHIFT Team highly enough!
Claire Woods, SHIFT Consultant
The SHIFT team are amazing with their network and connections; they are so plugged in to what’s going on across the market. I was also impressed by how much patience and persistence they had to find the ideal role for my requirements, rather than just filling a short-term client need.
The flexibility you have through SHIFT allowed me to work part time, remotely and with the freedom to take off the whole summer. You have that added peace of mind that you’ll then be placed back into a suitable role without fear of being disconnected from the market.
Pip White, Alumni SHIFT Consultant
If you are interested in talking about new ways to work, please get in touch below.