SHIFT Consultant Profile: Azadeh Le Quesne

Hear from one of our amazing SHIFT alumni, Azadeh Le Quesne. 

Azadeh Le Quesne

Tell us about yourself

 I live in Auckland with my two sons Orlando (5) and Felix (2) and my husband Nick. We moved back to New Zealand in 2020 after over a decade in London where I worked as a funds lawyer. I took a break from law after Orlando was born and studied Jewellery manufacture and design in Hatton Garden. It was a formative and fascinating experience which I am so grateful for. Workwise, I now split my time between my work as a lawyer in the financial services sector and running my jewellery line Aleqza. It’s a great mix of right brain/left brain which I really enjoy. I’m quite obsessed with jewellery and always thinking about it. I love the process of thinking about something, drawing it, designing it and then seeing it come alive as an object which someone will cherish. It’s very satisfying. Outside of work, life is busy running around after two very energetic boys.  

What do you love about the job you do?   

I have really enjoyed moving out of the detail of very technical funds work which I did for a long time to high level thinking about proposed reforms and working with internal stakeholders to formulate our position in response to consultations. Some of it is big picture strategic thinking about what we want the future to look like. Some of it can still be quite technical and complex. The breadth of work is very diverse and gives me an insight into many different areas of the bank which I really enjoy it has a great culture and I also work with a stellar team of great ladies, which of course makes all the difference. 

What made working with SHIFT unique?   

SHIFT helped me reignite my legal career in a way that has worked for me and my family which has felt empowering. It can be a little intimidating re-entering the legal profession after having kids and taking a break and I’m really grateful to Prue and her team for helping me achieve this.  

Best book/podcast/show you have recently indulged in?  

The Glossy Years by Nicolas Coleridge. A fun and indulgent read full of hilarious anecdotes. Loved every page.  

Favourite Restaurant or Café and any menu recommendation

Ada – every time. 

Our local Ooh-Fah on Dominion Road is a great spot for casual pizzas and wine.  

Favourite way to unwind?  

Either a good Memoir or a geeky documentary.