SHIFT Consultant Profile: Lisa Holt

Lisa Holt shares her experience of how she came across SHIFT, her passions and interests, and what she loves about her job.

Tell us about yourself:

Our immediate family comprises me, my three young adult children and our lovely Belgian Shepherd dog, Zeke. I am a Cantabrian who has lived in Auckland for a while now, but I am also a lifelong Francophile and have lived in France for six years and practised law there for four years. I was lucky to spend five weeks on holiday in France in Oct-Nov 2023 and I know it will not be the last time I go there 🙂. I’m a long-term supporter of the Womens’ Refuge in Auckland and we have a great network of donors of stuff that I collect, clean and sort for re-use.  

What makes working with SHIFT great?    

Although I started my career in law I soon diverged into commercial, research and sales roles and I was certain I would not go back to law. A chance meeting with a former colleague in a pub led me to the founders of SHIFT and an association that is now in its sixth year and has spanned financial services, healthcare IT, banking, and freight and logistics. SHIFT finds interesting roles for me that enable me to use not only my legal skills, but also my diverse professional background, to help clients.  

What do you love about the job you do?     

3 main things: meeting amazing people; learning about new industries and issues; and helping the client to address and overcome challenges. Each assignment is like a new adventure!       

Best book/show you have recently indulged in?   

I sometimes joke that I would watch French paint dry, but I’m going to mention a few great/entertaining French movies that have come out in the last two years – Close (gorgeous story of friendship), Athena (not for the faint-hearted), November (follows the 2015 Paris attacks and after), Les Voleuses/Wingwomen (escapist, fun, witty). 

In the book line, I am trying to overcome my bad habit of buying interesting, fat, books and shelving them, sometimes for years, so I have just polished off The Gene, by Siddartha Mukherjee, which is a fabulous read if you have any interest in genetics.  

I’ve also really been enjoying the irreverent wit of English comedienne, Sarah Millican, in the last few months.   

Favourite Restaurant or Café and any menu recommendations?  

So many faves – Geeks on Sainsbury (delightful staff, bulgogi beef burger), Orvieto (scallop salad, Orvieto bene), Sol’s Place (anything). 

Favourite way to unwind?   

I don’t really get too wound up, but talking to friends, reading and going down information rabbit-holes, swimming and walking are amongst the things I love.  Any occasional reluctance I might have to go for a walk is immediately overcome by Zeke’s unbridled joy at going outside.