RegTech – News and Views

Janet Chenery has recently joined SHIFT as Senior RegTech Consultant; we are delighted to have her share insights on recent trends.  Only a few years ago, information on RegTech was sparse, but keeping up with the influx of shared posts, articles and seminars is now a mammoth task.   At SHIFT, we are leveraging our network of trusted players, thought leaders and industry researchers to help you cut through the noise and bring you relevant and rightsized information for your business.  

Global perspectives – Key themes

UK’s JWG Market Intelligence Group has predicted some of the key RegTech themes in 2023 to be: 

  • Policy management; 
  • Model-driven controls; and
  • Digital regulatory reporting (DRR)

AML, Crypto and ESG challenges will also be top of mind. 

On our local RegTech radar

Our Team recently reviewed Onwardly, a collaboration with our friends at Simply Privacy

This local vendor product offers automated risk assessments and compliance tools for privacy and security; after performing a self-assessment of your business’s privacy and security processes and procedures, Onwardly then generates a list of tasks and policies for you to implement with recurring reminders whenever necessary. The product also gives you an overall ‘compliance wellbeing’ score. 

The entire product is geared towards making you aware of where the gaps are in your risk and compliance processes, and gives you deeper insights into what is required for your business’ security and resilience, and allows development of roles, policies and workflows needed for global privacy frameworks such as the NZ Privacy Act and the GDPR, and earn the trust of your customers.

Onwardly offers a 7-day free trial to see if this product is useful to your business; if you’re interested, reach out and let their team know that you heard about Onwardly from SHIFT!

If you’d like to learn more about how RegTech solutions might be able to assist with your compliance obligations get in touch with us.